Easily Create a Javascript Console in Sublime Text

I've been spending a lot of time learning Javascript lately over at Code School. As a very hands-on learner, I needed a fast and elegant way to write the code and view the console output at the same time, preferably within a native application. Sublime Text to the rescue! Take a peek at the result:

There are two slightly different methods to achieve the same result: using jsc (a command-line tool in OS X), or Node.js (cross-platform). If you are running a Mac and don't currently have Node.js installed I would recommend you use jsc. It's baked right into OS X, so you don't need to install a thing.

Using jsc

If you are on OS X, using jsc to run the Javascript couldn't be easier.
  1. In Sublime Text, go to "Tools" > "Build System" > "New Build System…".
  2. Replace the placeholder code with this:
    "cmd": ["jsc", "$file"],
    "selector": "source.js"
  3. Save the file as Javascript.sublime-build.
  4. To run on a Javascript file, either type ⌘B or go to "Tools" > "Build".
One important note: use debug() instead of console.log() with jsc.

Using Node.js

Using Node.js is a little more involved, but not by much:
  1. Download and install Node.js from the project homepage.
  2. In Sublime Text, go to "Tools" > "Build System" > "New Build System…".
  3. Replace the placeholder code with this:
    "cmd": ["node", "$file"],
    "selector": "source.js"
    Note: If you get [Errno 2] in the console, make sure to include the path to Node instead of just "node" on line 2. On a Mac, this will probably be "/usr/local/bin/node".
  4. Save the file as Node.sublime-build.
  5. To run on a Javascript file, either type ⌘B (Mac) or go to "Tools" > "Build".

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