Paper; Another Freeway/Blogger Template

Paper, a Freeway/Blogger Template
I'm pleased to showcase my latest Freeway/Blogger template! This template combines the WYSIWYG deliciousness of Freeway Pro with one of the most popular blogging platforms around, packages them together in a beautiful wrapper, and delivers them right to your doorstep! (Okay, just kidding about the delivery)

Paper is both spacious and smooth with very few graphics, providing an excellent visual setting to air your thoughts in a fast loading and lightweight package. I didn't stop there, though!

Freeway's Blogger suite of actions are very basic, and lack the ability to really customize blogger when you demand a unified interface. However, through some source-snooping and Firebug, you can write your own CSS hacks and add them to Freeway's output. For those of us who feel comfortable working in code, this is no biggie. It is time-consuming, but has the potential to be fun at times.

But it just isn't the Freeway way. Building stuff should be easy, right? Not to mention, the reason why people like Freeway is because it's a code-free way to build elegant websites.

With this in mind, Paper comes pre-loaded with custom CSS hacks for blogger.

You can preview Paper at its very own blog, or download it!

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